About Us

Kambah Poll Merinos

Hello, I’m Glen Oxford.

I’m the owner and operator of Kambah Poll Merino Stud.


Kambah Poll Merinos combine cutting-edge technology with a balanced breeding system to produce high performance, multi-trait poll merinos that excel under commercial conditions.


Kambah Poll Merinos was established in the year 2000 as a daughter stud of Centre Plus Poll Merinos.

We are based at Young in the South West Slopes of NSW.

Right from the start, our focus has been to breed the most productive all-purpose, self-replacing, poll merino sheep. To help achieve this goal, we purchased stud merino ewes and semen from Centre Plus sires that have been extensively progeny tested. With the generous help of Rob Mortimer from Centre Plus stud, we have been given access to some of the industry’s leading sires for paddock mating.

All the rams used are amongst some of the highest ranking Dual Purpose Index and Merino Plus Index rams in the merino industry. (see MerinoSELECT for more information on ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values))

We use the combination of visual assessment with measurement of heritable, profit-driving traits to propel us into the future.

Our rams not only have visual appeal but also rank highly on the MerinoSELECT database.

Since 2018 the entire Kambah Poll Merino Stud flock has been DNA tested. This information combined with the objective measurement that we use has confirmed our place at the top as a supplier of superior genetics.

We would be happy to include you in our community of clients and help you reach your goals for your own sheep farming enterprise.